Zé Delivery launches a refrigerator franchise with artificial intelligence


In an innovative move that aims to enhance consumption occasions, Zé Express, a subsidiary of Ambev’s Zé Delivery, has been testing a network of intelligent refrigerators since 2021. The concept, which allows customers to conveniently access beverages before reaching their homes, is now being expanded through franchise opportunities. This exciting development was first revealed by PEGN magazine.

The underlying concept behind this novel model is to provide consumers with greater convenience and flexibility. Adults of legal age can register and scan a QR code, granting them access to the smart refrigerator. They can then select their desired beverage, close the door, and through the power of artificial intelligence, the system automatically recognizes the chosen products and charges the registered payment card within the Zé Express application.

Initially, Zé Express’s operation focuses on residential buildings and condominiums in São Paulo, with a current network of 50 smart refrigerator units. However, the company has plans to expand not only within buildings but also to high-traffic areas, catering to a larger audience. The franchise opportunity requires an initial investment ranging from R$10,000 to R$15,000, and franchisees will benefit from round-the-clock support. The official launch of the franchise will take place on Wednesday, June 28th, at the ABF Franchising Expo in São Paulo.

Fernando Mazzarolo, Vice President of Zé, expressed the company’s mission of simplifying consumers’ lives, allowing them to enjoy more quality time with friends and family. He highlighted the significance of Zé Express in bringing added convenience directly to consumers’ doorsteps, providing a seamless and touchless experience. Mazzarolo attributed this achievement to the company’s steadfast commitment to technological advancements and investments in artificial intelligence.

The expansion of Zé Express’s network of smart refrigerators marks a transformative step towards redefining consumer experiences and revolutionizing the way beverages are accessed. With its user-friendly and touchless approach, Zé Express aligns itself with the evolving needs and preferences of modern consumers, reaffirming the company’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions through cutting-edge technology.

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