What are the growth point of the food delivery aggregator with a 20 year old heritage



Today #Foodpanda is one of the biggest #e-commerce companies in the country with an ambition to grow and bring the #innovation nationwide. So how is it to build and lead one of the most developed food #delivery players in the Europe, what are the growth points in the company with over 20 year history and what are those for Foodpanda Hungary?

Our guest is Zoltan Patai – the General manager of Foodpanda HU, who will tell us how does #NetPincer became Foodpanda and how it is to hold the leadership position on the Hungarian food and #GroceryDeliveryMarket since 1999 and what is the potential of the Hungarian market. Also in today’s #FridayTakeAwayPodcast we are going to discuss the potential of #food and #grocery delivery as well as the possible threats for the growth.

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