Tip shaming and nudging: the growing controversy surrounding DoorDash!

Tip shaming and nudging: the growing controversy surrounding DoorDash!

Doordash is the latest company to face criticism over a “tip-nudging” feature that lets customers increase their tip for a driver up to 30 days after an order has been delivered. Those who don’t tip will be sent notifications suggesting they show their appreciation.

The subject of tipping has become more controversial than ever in recent times. With the cost of living so high, workers who rely on tips say they need them more than ever, but many customers claim they can’t afford to pay extra for goods and services.

As reported by Insider, DoorDash introduced the ability to edit tips after a delivery was complete in June. Company execs said at the time it was a way to reward drivers who offer above-and-beyond service. However, confirmation that customers who don’t tip will receive new nudges and reminders to encourage them to do so didn’t go down too well.

DoorDash has confirmed that only customers who have not tipped anything will receive the nudges, and there will be a maximum of one nudge per order.

DoorDash’s tip nudges come as some delivery workers have aggressively attempted to increase tips. Some delivery workers have tried to increase their gratuity by asking DoorDash customers for higher tips mid-delivery. In other cases, Dashers have shamed customers over low tips. DoorDash prohibits these sorts of actions.

Even though it’s something Uber Eats, Instacart, and Starbucks also do, they seem to do it more elegantly.

Uber Eats told Insider it has “invested heavily into improving the tipping experience for drivers and couriers” over the last two years. That includes adding tipping prompts throughout the user experience, including encouraging tips during inclement weather.

Uber Eats said it has made app improvements to improve tipping behavior, including encouraging customers to tip when placing the order, during the order, and after the order.

As a result, the average food delivery tip has increased by 20% from 2020 to 2022, Uber Eats told Insider.

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