Robomart Debuts Fully Autonomous Mobile Grocery Store Concept As It Announces $2M Seed Round

Robomart Unveils "Haven": A Fully Autonomous Convenience Store on Wheels

Robomart, the innovative company that introduced the concept of store-hailing at CES in 2019, has taken a significant step forward in its mission to reshape the retail landscape. This week, the company revealed its latest model, the Robomart Haven, a cutting-edge mobile store concept that promises to redefine the shopping experience. Set to be available for retail partners starting in 2025, the Haven aims to revolutionize convenience and accessibility.

In a departure from its first-generation mobile store, now called Oasis, which primarily caters to ice cream vendors, restaurants, and cafes, the Haven represents a full-fledged convenience store on wheels. According to CEO Ali Ahmed, this technologically advanced mobile store is capable of stocking over 300 distinct SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and accommodating thousands of individual products for sale. Unlike its predecessor, the Haven presents a unique twist – customers can walk inside and shop, simulating the experience of a traditional convenience store.

One of the standout features of the Haven is its complete autonomy. In contrast to the initial Oasis model, which utilized drivers to operate the mobile store, the Haven is designed to be fully driverless. CEO Ali Ahmed highlighted this pivotal change, stating, “The Haven will not be a retrofitted van with a driver cabin. It will be a fully driverless offering that gives us the ability to retrofit the entire space inside to serve our customers.”

This ambitious move towards complete autonomy is rooted in Robomart’s commitment to revolutionizing the retail experience. While Ahmed clarified that Robomart does not intend to become an automobile manufacturer, the company plans to collaborate with various automakers to retrofit automobiles into the cutting-edge Haven concept. This partnership-driven approach aligns with Robomart’s vision of optimizing available resources to create a seamless shopping experience.

With an expanded footprint and enhanced capabilities, the Haven offers retail partners the opportunity to fully customize and white-label their mobile store. The Haven boasts multiple types of food storage options, including ambient temperature, frozen, cold, or heated compartments within the vehicle. This level of customization stands in contrast to the Oasis, which primarily offers a single type of food storage for specific partners.

In tandem with the Haven announcement, Robomart revealed a seed funding round of $2 million led by W Ventures, with participation from notable investors such as Wasabi Ventures, SOSV, HAX, and Hustle Fund. This injection of funding reflects the confidence in Robomart’s substantial progress over the past year. The company has secured deals with seven partners and boasts a commitment for 106 Oasis mobile storefronts.

While these mobile storefronts have thus far served as pilots, Ahmed indicated that they are swiftly transitioning into full-fledged commercial rollouts. Ahmed hinted that post-pilot Oasis machines will hit the market later this year, with new orders being accepted next year. Anticipation is also building for the Haven, which is projected to make its debut in 2025 and is already open for orders.

As Robomart continues to pioneer new avenues in the retail sector, the Haven emerges as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to reshaping shopping experiences through innovation and technology.

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