Remy Launches in U.S. With Robot-Powered Virtual Restaurant in NYC Called Better Days


In a pioneering move, Remy Robotics has unveiled its robot-powered virtual restaurant brand, Better Days, in New York City. This marks the U.S. debut for the Spain-based startup, known for its innovative use of robots in the culinary realm. Better Days represents the next phase of Remy Robotics’ evolution after successfully operating robotic-enabled ghost kitchens in Spain and France, delivering over 100,000 meals.

Yegor Traiman, CEO and Founder of Remy Robotics, envisions Better Days as a fusion of fast-food convenience with the culinary excellence associated with fine dining, all orchestrated by robots. Traiman states, “Remy Robotics exists to do what was previously thought impossible – make high-quality, delicious food consistently, accessibly, and profitably at scale.”

The company’s commitment to revolutionizing food production led to the development of a unique approach. Unlike traditional attempts to mimic human chefs, Remy Robotics redesigned the entire cooking process to be inherently compatible with robots. Traiman explains, “In a world where everything was designed and built by humans, for humans, there is no place for robots. You’re not able to make the system flexible enough.”

Better Days integrates human chefs for food preparation in a central commissary. The robot-powered “node kitchens” take charge of the cooking process, utilizing AI-powered robots following algorithmic recipes that consider delivery times and logistical aspects. The precision and consistency of the machines ensure a seamless cooking experience.

Traiman emphasizes the broader vision, stating, “Our goal is to make good food at an affordable price available and accessible to everyone while creating better jobs and improving the work environment for chefs.”

The restaurant, initially a virtual brand, operates through the Remy Robotics app and third-party delivery services like Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. Better Days focuses on delivering main courses featuring rice, veggies, and proteins such as chicken and salmon, with entrees priced between $7 and $16.

For New Yorkers eager to experience the future of culinary innovation, Better Days awaits exploration through its website or dedicated app.

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