Online grocer Modern Milkman launches refillables range

Simon Mellin, CEO and founder at Modern Milkman

Online grocery delivery service Modern Milkman is set to introduce a new line of products packaged in reusable and returnable containers. Dubbed ‘The Refillables,’ the initial range will consist of breakfast essentials such as cornflakes, choco pops, rice pops, and granulated sugar.

Upon delivery, customers will transfer the contents from the durable recycled pots into a container of their choosing. The empty pots will then be collected during the next delivery, with each pot from the Refillables range capable of being returned, reused, and refilled over 700 times.

To enhance the convenience of the refillable system, Modern Milkman is offering ‘starter packs’ that include an additional glass jar for decanting the products and extra glass containers. The range is now available for nationwide delivery.

Modern Milkman has joined forces with Dizzie for this refillable initiative. Dizzie is responsible for providing the reusable pots and monitoring their usage.

Simon Mellin, CEO and founder of Modern Milkman, emphasized the importance of convenience in driving behavior change towards zero waste. He stated, “Through this partnership, we’re bringing the concept of the refill shop to the nation’s doorsteps, making it easy for customers to choose a more environmentally friendly lifestyle through our convenient and user-friendly delivery service.”

Dizzie, formerly known as Good Club, introduced its B2B “packaging as a service” solution last year, which involves handling the cleaning, repackaging, and delivery of goods. Dizzie is already collaborating with Milk & More, supplying 12 products on its one million weekly deliveries.

Modern Milkman, established in 2018, has been delivering milk in glass bottles for several years. The company collects the bottles from its 100,000 customers, cleans them, and reuses them an average of 25 times, touting them as “the original plastic-waste fighting superhero.”

In addition to the new refillables range, Modern Milkman offers a selection of groceries delivered in returnable containers. Any packaging that cannot be reused is either plastic-free, recyclable, or suitable for home composting. Customers can subscribe through the brand’s app to receive regular doorstep deliveries and collections up to three times a week. The deliveries are facilitated by 16 hubs located across the country, covering approximately one-third of households in England.

Ben Patten, founder of Dizzie, expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with Modern Milkman in the joint mission to reduce single-use plastic packaging and promote a zero-waste lifestyle. He highlighted the utilization of technology to track the pots and improve return rates, ultimately contributing to the nation’s adoption of return and reuse practices. Patten added, “We’re excited to be working with Modern Milkman through the launch of its Refillables range to continue our journeys to eliminate waste.”

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