Ocado and Beano Join Forces to Tackle Food Waste with Family-Friendly Cookbook

Ocado and Beano Join Forces to Tackle Food Waste with Family-Friendly Cookbook

In a bid to address the issue of food waste and promote family bonding through cooking, Ocado has partnered with Beano to create ‘The Food Waste Cookbook’ as part of a campaign by Mischief agency.

The cookbook is designed to offer easy recipes for parents and children to prepare together, with the goal of reducing food waste and fostering discussions about sustainability. Research conducted by Beano Brain revealed that 56% of parents have never discussed food waste with their children, even though 37% of kids express an interest in cooking with their families.

The family-friendly cookbook, featuring beloved Beano illustrations, aims to engage children and parents in important conversations while enjoying the process of cooking together.

Television presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle is the face of the cookbook, taking on the role of Bananaman’s sidekick in an opening comic strip. The comic storyline, which revolves around a mountain of food waste, sees Ben enlisting the help of Beano characters Dennis, Gnasher, and other Beanotown friends to find creative solutions to reduce waste.

The comic is followed by five delectable recipes inspired by comic book characters and crafted from commonly wasted household food items, such as overripe bananas and sprouting potatoes. Recipes like ‘Nearly Gone-offee Pie’ and ‘Bangers & Gnash’ demonstrate how to make the most of ingredients that might otherwise go to waste.

The recipes are displayed alongside comic strips and playful illustrations to engage visually with readers. The cookbook also offers valuable tips on preventing food waste and includes a game that encourages children to guess the best ways to store food for preservation.

In line with recent efforts by some supermarkets to remove “best before” dates from fresh products, Ocado, an online grocery delivery platform, emphasizes the importance of freshness for households. By delivering fresh products straight to consumers’ doors, Ocado aims to extend the shelf life of groceries and reduce food waste.

Research from Ocado indicates that 89% of consumers consider the freshness of the produce they use for cooking to be important. The collaboration with Beano, through ‘The Food Waste Cookbook,’ educates families on how to maximize the value and shelf life of their groceries.

Furthermore, Ocado and Beano have created ‘Beano for Schools’ lesson plans for Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) pupils, allowing teachers to integrate food waste discussions into their Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) curriculum.

Addressing food waste not only helps families save money and reduce their environmental impact but also prepares future generations to create a more sustainable food system. Beano Brain’s research reveals that 66% of parents believe their children are more knowledgeable about environmental issues than they were at the same age, offering hope for a greener future.

Ocado, by embracing Beano’s playful nature, hopes to make the vital mission of tackling food waste enjoyable and educational for families across the UK.

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