Nigeria Leads The World In Burger Consumption Rate

Nigeria has taken the biggest percentage leap in Burger consumption globally.

Glovo, a versatile delivery application, has reported a staggering 4,928 percent increase in burger consumption in Nigeria in 2022 compared to the previous year, marking the highest surge worldwide.

Mr. Lorenzo Mayol, the General Manager of Glovo Nigeria, shared this revelation in a statement released in Lagos to commemorate International Burger Day.

Offering insights and trends on burger consumption in Nigeria, Mayol highlighted that beef, chicken, and suya-flavored burgers were the preferred choices among Nigerians.

He further revealed that burgers were a popular lunch option in Nigeria, with approximately 50 percent of daily burger orders placed between noon and 3 p.m., reaching its peak at 2 p.m.

“Analysis has shown that during this time slot, the number of burger deliveries in Nigeria surpassed the global average by 88 percent,” Mayol stated.

Burgers have gained immense popularity worldwide, and it comes as no surprise considering their speed, affordability, and delectable taste. However, the remarkable growth rate of 4,928 percent in Nigeria sets it apart as the global leader in burger consumption.

“We are delighted to support and provide a digital platform for both chain restaurants and small and medium enterprises that offer this meal option to consumers, contributing to the overall growth of burger consumption in this market,” he added.

Providing further insights, Mayol noted that Wednesdays were the day when Nigerians consumed the most burgers.

Furthermore, December witnessed the highest consumption rate, likely due to the festive season.

Mayol revealed that Lagos State ranked first among cities in Nigeria for the delivery of the most burger units in 2022, with Lagos Mainland and Island accounting for 50 percent and 38 percent, respectively.

“In Nigeria, the weekend (Friday-Sunday) accounts for 39 percent of burger consumption. This is intriguing because it contradicts the global trend, where the highest consumption (51 percent) is typically concentrated over the weekend, particularly on Sundays,” Mayol explained.

He also mentioned the partner establishments that delivered the most burgers in 2022, including Sweet Sensation, Chicken Republic, KFC, Suya Brothers, Boga Masta, Kobis, and Sooyah Bistro.

Globally, Glovo successfully delivered over 70 million burgers in 2022, solidifying its position as a major player in the burger delivery landscape.

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