Meituan introduces in-app livestream feature

Meituan introduces in-app livestream feature

Meituan, a prominent player in the food technology industry, has made an exciting move by introducing a new function called Meituan Live on its app. This new feature offers users a range of options, including access to Shen Qiang Shou, a promotional tool for food delivery merchants, livestreams for Meituan’s travel business, and local merchants’ self-streamings. Users can also reserve livestreams related to Meituan’s other services, such as grocery delivery and medicine delivery. While the feature is currently visible to a select group of users, Meituan is conducting internal testing and is eager to fine-tune the experience based on valuable feedback from merchants and users.

Expanding Possibilities with Meituan Live:

Meituan Live opens up a world of opportunities for both users and merchants within the Meituan ecosystem. By accessing the Meituan Live aggregate page, users can explore a variety of engaging features and livestreams related to different services provided by the company. This includes exclusive access to Shen Qiang Shou, a promotional tool that allows food delivery merchants to showcase their offerings and interact with customers in real-time.

The inclusion of livestreams for Meituan’s travel business and local merchants’ self-streamings further enhances the interactive nature of the app, enabling users to discover new experiences and engage with their favorite brands and content creators.

Additionally, users now have the convenience of making reservations for livestreams related to Meituan’s grocery delivery and medicine delivery services. This integration of livestreaming across multiple verticals highlights Meituan’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and seamless user experience.

Internal Testing and Feedback:

At present, Meituan Live is in the testing phase, visible only to a limited group of users. By doing so, Meituan aims to gather valuable feedback from both merchants and users to ensure the feature’s success and optimal functionality.

According to a source from Meituan, “We are excited to introduce Meituan Live to our users and merchants. We believe that livestreaming has the potential to transform the way people engage with our platform. By conducting internal testing, we can fine-tune the feature based on the feedback we receive, ensuring that Meituan Live delivers a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.”

Industry Insights and Opportunities:

Livestreaming has gained significant popularity in the e-commerce sector, allowing brands and merchants to connect with their audience in real-time, showcase products, and drive engagement and sales. According to a report by eMarketer, China’s livestreaming e-commerce market is expected to reach $171.31 billion in 2023, representing a significant growth opportunity.

Quoting a market analyst, “Meituan’s entry into livestreaming reflects the broader trend of integrating this interactive medium into the e-commerce landscape. By leveraging livestreaming, Meituan can deepen user engagement and provide a more immersive platform for both merchants and users to connect.”

Meituan’s introduction of Meituan Live marks an exciting step forward for the company in the realm of livestreaming. The feature’s diverse offerings, ranging from food delivery promotions to travel experiences and local merchant self-streamings, demonstrate Meituan’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and interactive platform.

As Meituan conducts internal testing and gathers feedback from merchants and users, it seeks to fine-tune the livestreaming experience and ensure its seamless integration within the app. With livestreaming’s growing prominence in the e-commerce sector, Meituan aims to capitalize on this trend and create new avenues for engagement and growth within its ecosystem.

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