Late-Night Food Delivery Sees Surge as Swiggy Expands its Offerings

Swiggy eyes orders from night owls & early birds

The trend of late-night binging has witnessed a notable upswing, according to food delivery app Swiggy, which reported a 23% increase in orders for burgers, pizza, and biryani after 11pm. These late-night orders now comprise 8.5% of all food orders on Swiggy, with a substantial portion originating from tier-1 cities, where students and young professionals from diverse backgrounds converge for academic and occupational pursuits.

Seizing upon this growing trend, Swiggy is strategically positioning itself to capitalize further on the late-night food delivery market by diversifying its selection of restaurants in this category across cities. By expanding the range of options available to consumers, the company aims to enhance their choices and dining experiences. Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Swiggy, emphasized the importance of identifying consumer needs and creating new use cases to fuel the growth of prominent startups like Swiggy. He stated, “Merely expanding into new cities will not suffice. We have already achieved a significant scale. Now, we must introduce different use cases, offer diverse services. Currently, we are still at a rudimentary stage. It is crucial for us to delve deeper into existing cities.”

Furthermore, effectively tapping into the demand for early morning food delivery presents another significant opportunity. Kapoor expressed his fascination with the morning rush in households, particularly during the high-pressure hour of 8-9am. Swiggy aims to address the food requirements during this time in a meaningful manner. Kapoor recalled his surprise when he witnessed a consumer ordering chole bhature, a popular Indian dish, through the app at the unconventional hour of 6am.

Kapoor noted that the total addressable market has expanded significantly following the Covid-19 pandemic, accompanied by a notable shift in consumer behavior. Swiggy aims to leverage this shift by providing innovative solutions and catering to the evolving needs of its customers. As the company continues to navigate this dynamic landscape, it remains committed to enhancing its offerings and establishing a deeper presence in existing cities.

The ever-changing food delivery industry presents both opportunities and challenges for startups like Swiggy, compelling them to constantly evolve and adapt to the evolving demands of consumers. With a strategic focus on expanding its late-night and early morning delivery services, Swiggy aims to further solidify its position as a leading player in the competitive food tech market.

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