James Walker, CEO Byuk – Survivor bias in rapid grocery delivery


Today our guest on #Friday Takeaway podcast is James Walker, the CEO of ultra-fast #Buyk, which launched in the USA in mid-2021 however had close down its operations as quickly, as they were initially launched. We have seen the exponential growth of the last mile delivery sector in the past years.

Rapid grocery delivery has been the golden boy of the last mile delivery movement getting a lot of hype and funding. However, in the current political and economical turbulence caused by the Russian invasion in Ukraine entrepreneurs are facing a lot of challenges and rapid grocery delivery sector is not an exception. Investors are reevaluating the risks, costs are growing, and customers are looking after their pockets much carefully.

Together with James Walker we discussed: – What are the changes in the market landscape these times? – Survivor bias of Byuk and which lessons should we learn from it. – It is easy to get into the rapid grocery delivery business, but it is much harder to keep it running – how would the market develop from it and what are the possible growth options.