Introducing DashRoots: The Voices of Local Neighborhoods

DoorDash is thrilled to introduce DashRoots—an influential network dedicated to amplifying local perspectives and fortifying the communities

DoorDash is thrilled to introduce DashRoots—an influential network dedicated to amplifying local perspectives and fortifying the communities we serve. Far too often, the concerns of everyday individuals residing in both bustling metropolises and small towns across the United States are disregarded. It is time to heed the voices of local neighborhoods. DashRoots will harness the collective power of Dashers, merchants, and consumers to advocate for practical policies that enhance their lives. This encompasses safeguarding and bolstering independent work, fostering the growth of local businesses, and investing in programs that combat hunger and promote public safety.

One restaurant owner, Dawn, from Citroën in New York City, expressed her gratitude for the partnership with DoorDash and the positive impact it has had on her business. She emphasized the significance of advocating for policies such as expanding outdoor dining and allowing the sale of cocktails to go. Dawn stressed the importance of having a say in shaping industry-related policies and highlighted the empowerment that an advocacy network like DashRoots can provide to small businesses like hers in connecting with lawmakers and better serving customers.

In order to achieve optimal outcomes for local communities, it is essential to include the voices of Dashers, merchants, and consumers when deliberating on policies regarding app-based work. Recent surveys have demonstrated that 86% of Dashers value the flexibility that comes with independent work, and 67% of independent merchants have acknowledged that DoorDash has enabled them to reach a wider customer base that would otherwise be inaccessible. Safeguarding flexible work arrangements is crucial in ensuring the prosperity of Dashers and merchants in today’s economy. DashRoots will empower these voices, enabling them to actively engage with lawmakers and directly influence the policymaking process. DashRoots members may have the opportunity to write to their legislators, submit testimony, and even attend public policy events.

David, a Dasher from San Francisco, shared his appreciation for the financial flexibility provided by DoorDash. He emphasized the peace of mind that comes with having access to income-generating opportunities that can adapt to his schedule, regardless of the obstacles he faces. David expressed concern over the misinformation surrounding this type of work and the legislative efforts, both local and federal, that could hinder his ability to access supplemental income. DashRoots will grant him a platform to share his story, challenge false narratives, and stay informed about policies that impact him, all while equipping him with the tools to take action.

Representing the voices of local neighborhoods, DashRoots members will enjoy access to valuable resources such as policy advocacy workshops, webinars for professional development, local community gatherings, and opportunities to contribute to their communities. Additionally, they will play an active role in the legislative process, ensuring that their perspectives are directly considered.

Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, Vice President of Communications & Policy at DoorDash, emphasized the importance of including Dashers, merchants, and consumers in critical decision-making processes that affect their income, success, and the well-being of their communities. DashRoots aims to elevate the voices of the communities DoorDash serves, empowering local economies to have a substantial say in shaping their future.

The strength of our community lies within its members, and DashRoots will elevate the voices of the tens of millions of individuals who unite on DoorDash every day, maximizing our collective impact for the greater good. DashRoots will foster connectivity within this remarkable network, enabling us to make a significant positive difference.

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