Importance of Efficiency in Modern on Demand Logistics!


Retailers have been putting money into plans for the last ten years to provide customers with a more seamless shopping experience. Amazons of the world have been establishing new standards for making it simple for customers to order online with seamless check out and convenient delivery experience.

Logistics specificaly has alway been a huge cost driver as well as operational headache. And that exactly where Kosmo found its niche turning logistics into the scalable growthpoint for the ecommerce ventures.

Kosmo , the logistics technology startup, has recently unveiled its latest delivery gateway solution that aims to simplify and streamline the complex delivery market for local businesses. With partnerships with some of the most reputable delivery providers, including Lalamove, Grab, foodpanda, pickupp, Ninja Van, J&T, and many others, Kosmo’s platform is connected to over 100,000 couriers throughout the region, allowing businesses to access all delivery providers with just one integration.

The demand for a great delivery experience has become increasingly important for local businesses as they move towards selling outside of marketplaces. However, the issue lies in the fact that there are too many different delivery solutions, each with their own unique features and APIs that are not developer-friendly. Kosmo’s delivery gateway solution solves this problem by aggregating multiple providers to provide a simple and easy way to offer delivery from one platform. By doing so, businesses can improve their operations, take control over their deliveries, and ultimately enhance their customer experience.

Kosmo’s primary focus is on the new Food and Retail eCommerce audience that demands on-demand delivery. As express delivery becomes the norm, customers are no longer willing to wait for days to receive their orders. Kosmo’s delivery gateway is set to address this issue by providing businesses and end customers with an on-demand delivery experience that is fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

The delivery gateway solution caters to businesses offering local deliveries, with Kosmo’s go-to-market strategy centered around Singapore, followed by MY/PH/TH, with plans to expand to other countries by the end of the year. The platform is available through a single API and platform, and POS restaurant integrations are also available to serve the long tail.

Overall, Kosmo’s delivery gateway solution has the potential to revolutionize the delivery market by providing businesses and end customers with a seamless and efficient delivery experience. With its simple integration process, operations excellence, control over deliveries, and improved customer experience, it is no wonder why Kosmo’s platform is becoming increasingly popular in the eCommerce market.