How to compete on the consolidated Nordics Markets! #Waiteer #Deliveryhero #Wolt #Justeat #Takeaway | Friday Takeaway #7



Our new guest at Friday Takeaway channel is Soren ib Sander, CEO at #Waiteer. We have a very open and interesting conversation about the specific Danish delivery market and Nordic market on the whole.

Soren tells us about the harsh way of entering this competitive market and the main challenges that every new company faces, capacity limit of the market and why in 5 years there would be a maximum three delivery companies.

In this episode you will know how the unit economy works, specifics of day time division, difficulties, peculiarities and solutions about hiring couriers, importance of acquisition of such big players as #McDonalds, #KFC, #Subway, and their demands to delivery services.

Also you will hear the real insights about margin, necessary amount of orders per courier and other technical data. Subscribe to #FridayTakeaway to get more insight into the dark kitchen business and food delivery industry. #Waiteer #Deliveryhero #Wolt #Justeat #Takeaway