How Is India Development Centre Revolutionizing Deliveroo’s In-App Advertising Platform


Deliveroo’s Innovative In-App Advertising: A Recipe for Success

In the rapidly expanding food delivery industry, setting oneself apart is crucial. Deliveroo, a prominent delivery service, has continued to make waves with its innovative in-app advertising features. These features not only benefit the company but also provide a platform for other brands to thrive in the fiercely competitive food technology space.

Taking a significant step forward, Deliveroo recently introduced its advertising platform, Deliveroo Media and E-commerce, in partnership with Criteo. Developed by Deliveroo’s tech team in collaboration with the India Development Centre (IDC), this platform empowers brands to reach Deliveroo customers with tailored offers across the app, website, and various marketing channels such as social media, email, and push notifications.

The India Development Centre (IDC): A Hub of Technological Innovation

Deliveroo’s India Development Centre (IDC) serves as a cornerstone of its technological prowess. As the company’s largest technology center outside of the United Kingdom, where Deliveroo is headquartered, the IDC is home to a team of dedicated engineers working tirelessly to advance software engineering and development. Their expertise spans diverse fields, including mobile apps, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and data analytics. This commitment to innovation ensures that consumers enjoy seamless and rapid experiences.

The IDC plays a pivotal role in supporting Deliveroo’s global technology team, collaborating closely with teams in the UK across various domains such as Care & Trust, Financial Systems, Consumer, Delivery, Grocery, Platform, Restaurants, and Product Engineering. The IDC tech team engages in a wide range of tech solutions, including enhancing the customer experience, refining grocery navigation, optimizing promotional targeting, and developing Deliveroo’s advertising platform.

How Deliveroo’s In-App Advertising Benefits Brands

Deliveroo’s advertising platform opens the door for partners and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies to advertise effectively. This platform is a significant driver of profitability for Deliveroo, with an annualized revenue run-rate of £55 million (representing 0.8% of GTV in Q2 2023). In the first half of 2023, more than 50,000 merchants leveraged the platform for advertising purposes.

With an average of 7.1 million monthly active consumers in H1 2023, Deliveroo offers restaurants and grocers the opportunity to attract new customers and distinguish themselves from competitors. Through Deliveroo’s technology, brands can reach customers with personalized offers within the app, on the company’s website, and through various marketing channels like social media, email, and push notifications.

The advertising platform comprises two main components. First, it provides diverse advertising options for merchants, such as prominent placements in carousels and search results. This generates incremental demand and delivers a high return on advertising spend. Second, FMCG companies and other brands can showcase their products through post-transaction ad slots (e.g., on the order tracker page) and virtual storefronts within the app, reaching millions of monthly active consumers in a highly measurable and cost-effective manner. When executed effectively, these advertising activities enhance the consumer experience by helping them discover content tailored to their preferences.

The Role of Indian Tech Talent at the India Development Centre

Beyond the advertising platform, the IDC is a hotbed of innovation within Deliveroo’s tech team. For software engineers, data scientists, machine learning experts, and AI engineers in India, the IDC represents an exciting opportunity to tackle some of the most challenging tech problems in the industry. Deliveroo, operating across ten markets, has already hired 140 professionals and aims to expand its Indian tech workforce to over 200 engineers by the end of 2023. These engineers will contribute to various areas, including analytics, platforms, automation, and machine learning, ultimately playing a pivotal role in Deliveroo’s quest to become the world’s definitive online food platform.

In a dynamic and competitive industry like food technology, Deliveroo’s commitment to innovation and collaboration not only benefits its business but also provides a platform for other brands to thrive. The IDC in India, with its growing tech talent pool, is central to Deliveroo’s vision of shaping the future of food delivery and digital experiences.

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