GrubMarket launches GrubPay payment platform


GrubMarket has made an announcement today, which is sure to grab the attention of the food industry. GrubPay, a secure and user-friendly payment platform for food wholesalers and distributors, has been launched. GrubMarket has now become the first and only eCommerce platform that offers an integrated payment solution that is exclusively designed for the fresh industry.

GrubPay can be used as a standalone product, but it also integrates seamlessly with GrubMarket’s current software ecosystem. This ecosystem comprises the following innovative software solutions: WholesaleWare, an all-encompassing ERP system that operates 360 degrees; Orders IO, a mobile eCommerce solution that’s highly advanced and Farmigo, which is a CSA management software. With these software products, GrubMarket provides a centralized omnichannel solution for the food supply chain.

Customers of GrubMarket can now accept and handle payments quickly, easily, and securely with GrubPay, via ACH, credit card, and other online payment methods. As stated by Genevieve Wang, the Chief Product Officer at GrubMarket, “Traditional payment acceptance methods for the fresh industry are cumbersome, expensive, and unreliable. Third-party payment providers lack an understanding of the nuanced needs of food distributors and wholesalers, and their fee structures squeeze the already thin margins of these businesses. This is why GrubPay is such a big step forward for the fresh industry.”

GrubPay offers a host of unique features and benefits, such as online payments, pay by link, real-time payment tracking, full accounting integration, competitive pricing, and flexibility and customization. Customers of all sizes can easily link to the GrubPay credit card payment gateway and securely accept online card payments or process transactions in-store. Customers can pay via ACH transfer and/or credit card using a secure payment link that is hosted by GrubPay. They can create emails and SMS messages with payment links or add payment links to invoices to get paid directly by customers. They can also create QR codes that facilitate real-time payment at checkout or even embed payment flows on social media.

GrubPay also provides real-time payment tracking, which allows users to track their active payment balances and gain complete visibility into the status of each payment. Within WholesaleWare, users can automatically generate payment requests for invoices, and payments, customer balances, and reports are kept in sync and up to date with WholesaleWare’s Accounting Module, in real-time. GrubPay’s pricing model is highly competitive, transparent, and designed for the food distribution and wholesale business model, so customers can worry less about costs. Customers can use GrubPay’s developer platform and APIs to rapidly build production-ready integrations that enable invoicing and online payment functionality, designed for their customers’ and products’ unique needs.

Mike Xu, CEO of GrubMarket, said, “Right now, most fresh industry players still use traditional offline methods like checks and cash to complete payment transactions. Others rely on third-party providers that charge exorbitant fees and are not tailored to facilitate payments in the food supply chain industry. We are proud to take the next step of every great eCommerce company – offering seamless payment solutions to our customers. GrubPay is a truly transformative solution that will create significant value for the food industry and help customers streamline their payment processes, reduce costs, and save time.”

GrubPay’s launch is indeed a game-changer for the food industry, as it offers a one-stop solution for payment processing. By facilitating payments for the food supply chain through its integrated payment solution, GrubPay will make payments accessible, easy, and affordable to all its customers.

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