Glovo Ukraine: delivering groceries and meals under the rockets #StopWar #PeaceForUkraine



#WarInUkraine has affected many things including the domestic #delivery market. Many companies have temporarily stopped their operation due to the large number of difficulties that can be encountered: air strike alerts, curfews, dangerous diversant groups and possible shelling. But there were also those who, despite the difficulties, are ready to be helpful.

Dmitry Rasnovsky Regional GM Glovo on #FridayTakeAway podcast will tell us how #Glovo team decided to resume work on the territory of #Ukraine, what operational difficulties they faced, how they help volunteers, deliver hot meals at minimum cost from own #darkKitchens and convinience products from #darkstores, motivate #restaurants to open and how can #online delivery save lives. Subscribe to #Friday Takeaway to get more insight into the food and grocery delivery industry.