Glovo Launches “The Courier’s Pledge” in Nigeria, Extending Benefits to Delivery Drivers

Glovo Launches "The Courier's Pledge" in Nigeria, Extending Benefits to Delivery Drivers

Glovo, the popular delivery and courier service, is expanding its initiative known as “The Courier’s Pledge” to Nigeria. This program, first introduced in Georgia and Morocco in October 2021, aims to provide enhanced benefits to the hardworking couriers who power Glovo’s delivery service.

“The Courier’s Pledge” is built on three fundamental pillars: fair earnings, 360 safety, and a sense of community and equality. This initiative reflects Glovo’s commitment to improving the well-being of its couriers.

One of the key highlights of “The Courier’s Pledge” is the provision of comprehensive insurance coverage for drivers. This coverage extends to accidents, family-related expenses, sickness, as well as maternity and paternity benefits. It is worth noting that a significant portion of the couriers on the Glovo platform, approximately 41%, have children. The introduction of these benefits acknowledges the unique needs of this demographic and offers them financial security and peace of mind.

Additionally, drivers will benefit from increased earnings through a bonus system. Since the launch of this initiative, Glovo reports that weekly earnings have witnessed a notable increase in the countries where “The Courier’s Pledge” was introduced. This not only incentivizes drivers but also recognizes their essential role in Glovo’s ecosystem.

Glovo goes beyond financial support by providing professional training to its drivers. This training encompasses various aspects, including business development, digital skills, community engagement, and language proficiency. These skill-building opportunities empower couriers to grow personally and professionally.

Lamide Akinola, Glovo’s Nigeria General Manager, emphasized the company’s commitment to ensuring that all couriers enjoy equal access to social rights and benefits, regardless of their contractual relationship with the platform. Akinola noted, “The successful launch of The Courier’s Pledge in Nigeria represents a significant step towards creating a fairer working environment for our couriers in the region. We are proud to have all African markets covered under this initiative.”

With the rollout of “The Courier’s Pledge” in Nigeria, Glovo’s drivers in other African countries where the platform operates can look forward to enjoying these comprehensive benefits. This initiative not only demonstrates Glovo’s dedication to its couriers but also sets a positive precedent for fair and equitable working conditions in the gig economy across the African continent.

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