Glovo launches Glovo Ads to generate international sales business growth

Glovo launches Glovo Ads to generate international sales business growth

Glovo, a leading multi-category delivery app provider, has introduced “Glovo Ads,” a comprehensive advertising solution aimed at empowering brands, restaurants, and stores to enhance customer engagement and drive sales within the platform. This move capitalizes on the increasing adoption of delivery apps and the growing potential of retail media spending.

Targeted Advertising Throughout the Customer Journey

Glovo Ads enables marketers to strategically place ads throughout the customer journey on the app. This includes searches, homepage listings, and sponsored placements, allowing brands to engage users with relevant ads. This advertising opportunity extends across various categories, from food delivery and groceries to electronics and beauty products.

Multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Diageo, Pernod Ricard, and Pepsico, as well as Red Bull, have already incorporated Glovo into their marketing strategies. Advertising giants such as Publicis are collaborating with their clients to leverage the platform for marketing campaigns.

Two Platforms for Diverse Businesses

Glovo Ads caters to both large multinational brands and smaller, independent businesses through two distinct platforms:

Brands Ads: This platform utilizes auto-bidding, an advanced automation solution that optimizes the bidding process. By leveraging conversion rates and product prices, brands can calculate the expected value of impressions. Glovo claims that auto-bidding, in conjunction with other tools within the “Brand Ads” suite, can yield up to a fivefold Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Partner Ads: Designed for small and medium-sized shops and restaurants, Partner Ads guide businesses on optimal ad placements within the app to maximize return on investment. Recognizing that many small businesses lack dedicated marketing teams, Partner Ads offers a user-friendly, pay-per-click approach. Businesses can pause their campaigns at any time, ensuring a positive ROI.

Real-Time Campaign Management and Off-App Reach

Glovo Ads doesn’t limit advertising efforts solely to the app. Brands and retailers can engage users through programmatic buying off the app as well. Real-time campaign performance monitoring enables adjustments to optimize ad targeting on and off the platform.

Rodrigo Alier, Executive Director Partners & Brands at Glovo, emphasized the role of Glovo Ads in helping businesses navigate the challenges of effective customer engagement in a rapidly changing landscape.

Transforming Business Strategies in a Digital Age

In a world where rising costs and the cost-of-living crisis affect both consumers and businesses, Glovo Ads provides an enticing solution. With approximately 80% of global merchants still operating offline, the need for innovative digital avenues is evident. Glovo Ads offers a broad spectrum of businesses, from multinational giants to local corner shops, the opportunity to reach millions of consumers effectively.

The ability to leverage Glovo Ads for targeted marketing throughout the customer journey holds significant potential. This innovation promises to transform traditional business strategies and enhance brand engagement and sales in a digital age.

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