Glovo Kenya Records 47% Growth In Grocery Shopping

Glovo Kenya Records 47% Growth In Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping in Kenya has experienced remarkable growth, surging by 47% since 2022, owing to the innovative approach of delivery platform Glovo. The company’s unique blend of its delivery-only supermarkets known as ‘Glovo Bargains’ and partnerships with top grocery providers available within its app have redefined how Kenyan consumers buy everyday essentials.

This surge in online grocery shopping has been particularly impactful in categories like ‘Fruits and Vegetables,’ which have witnessed staggering growth, surging by an astonishing 1,681%. This phenomenal rise can be attributed to the increasing demand for fresh and healthy produce like apples, bananas, avocados, oranges, and lemons.

Fruit and vegetable orders have demonstrated a consistent pattern, primarily occurring between 10 am and 5 pm. The peak shopping hour is at noon, constituting 10.4% of the daily total. Apples, bananas, oranges, lemons, and grapes have emerged as the most popular fruits among online shoppers in Kenya.

Caroline Mutuku, General Manager for Glovo Kenya, expressed the company’s commitment to enhancing the grocery shopping experience for customers. She stated, “Through Glovo Bargains, Glovo’s delivery-only supermarkets, and the network of local specialized partners available on the app, we only inch closer to our goal of bringing convenience and the best grocery experience to our customers.”

Mutuku also highlighted Glovo’s efforts to elevate the culinary experience for Kenyan consumers. As the year progresses, Glovo is enabling city dwellers to explore the art of mixology by offering nourishing and revitalizing cocktails inspired by Kenya’s vibrant flavors, allowing individuals to savor the essence of Kenya from the comfort of their homes.

In response to this burgeoning trend, Glovo has curated five tantalizing cocktail recipes based on seasonal fruits, delivering a delightful fusion of Kenyan flavors:

Tropical Smooth Tail: A vibrant blend of fresh Kenyan mango, orange juice, and lime juice served over ice and garnished with a slice of mango and a sprig of mint.

Watermelon Mint Sip: A refreshing concoction featuring fresh watermelon, mint leaves, lime juice, and sparkling water, garnished with mint leaves.

Kenyan Cucumber Refresher: A revitalizing drink muddled with cucumber slices, lime juice, agave syrup, and a pinch of sea salt, garnished with a cucumber wheel and rosemary.

Passion fruit Fizz: A thirst-quenching beverage combining Kenyan black tea, passionfruit juice, sparkling water, and honey, garnished with a slice of lemon and a passionfruit half.

Nairobi September Spritzer: An elegant spritzer infused with blackberries, thyme, grape juice, and club soda, garnished with additional blackberries and a thyme sprig.

These mouthwatering cocktails offer a delightful way to embrace the flavors of Kenya and celebrate the vibrant produce that online grocery shopping has made more accessible to consumers across the country. Glovo’s innovative approach to grocery delivery continues to redefine convenience and culinary exploration in Kenya’s bustling cities.

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