Foodpanda Launches “Safe Delivery 333” Program to Enhance Road Safety

Foodpanda Launches "Safe Delivery 333" Program to Enhance Road Safety

In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 3.6 to reduce road traffic accidents’ fatalities and injuries, foodpanda is taking a proactive role in promoting traffic safety. As part of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s Traffic Safety Month initiative, which encourages riders to prioritize pedestrian safety, foodpanda has introduced the “Safe Delivery 333” program. This program is designed to ensure road safety throughout and after the delivery process.

The “360 Safe Plan” initiative, implemented by foodpanda, has already yielded positive results. It contributed to a 30% year-on-year reduction in road traffic accidents in May 2022 and a 24% year-on-year decrease in severe traffic violations. Furthermore, this initiative extended its benefits to 102% more delivery partners compared to 2021.

foodpanda Operations Director Anson Chin explained, “Our ‘Safe Delivery 333’ program represents foodpanda’s actions from past, present to the future!” He highlighted the three core aspects of the program:

Before a Delivery: foodpanda invested over NT$100 million to provide accidental personal insurance coverage of up to NT$3 million for riders. Additionally, it offers training and testing on occupational safety, food safety, and road safety. Riders can access more than 20 types of safety equipment suitable for various weather conditions.

During a Delivery: foodpanda utilizes highly optimized AI-powered algorithms to dispatch orders efficiently and recommend the best delivery routes. The company collaborates with weather forecasting agencies to provide timely weather alerts and prioritizes rider safety by adhering to local government orders during adverse weather conditions.

After a Delivery: foodpanda offers extensive training and benefits, including safety courses, retraining for riders with prior traffic violations, and road safety reminders delivered through digital channels.

To ensure the safety of newer riders, foodpanda introduced a rookie rider program that conducted 108 sessions across Taiwan. Additionally, the company collaborates with central and local transportation authorities to enhance road safety.

Apart from road safety, foodpanda has also focused on providing financial aid, healthcare benefits, and amenities to its riders. Over NT$360 million has been invested in the “360 Safe Plan” to enhance road safety and rider care.

According to the World Health Organization, over 1.3 million lives were lost globally due to road traffic accidents in 2022. foodpanda is addressing this issue by implementing three major initiatives:

Safety Bonus: foodpanda incentivizes road safety and adherence to traffic regulations by providing a NT$5 bonus for each order. This initiative has already resulted in a significant reduction in traffic accidents.

Elevating Safeguards: Recognizing the higher incidence of accidents during the rainy season, foodpanda is equipping riders with essential safety gear, including water-repellent helmet visors, tire pressure sensors, motorcycle cameras, high-visibility rain gear, and Bluetooth headsets.

Intelligent Preventative Solutions: foodpanda enhances its delivery system by utilizing algorithms to estimate order quantities and assess safe delivery efficiency. Orders are intelligently split and assigned to different riders to ensure secure transportation.

foodpanda is dedicated to promoting road safety and enhancing rider care through a diverse range of safety initiatives. The company collaborates with central and local traffic authorities to advocate for road safety and plans to expand these programs further to create a safer delivery network for all road users.

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