Food halls of the Future – reinventing the restaurant real estate! Fooddelivery, restauranttech | Friday Takeaway #8



Meet the new guest of our channel, Yousif Kurdi, founder and CEO of the startup #YourKitchen. By the way, Yousif is also the Olympic Games participant in Beijing from Saudi Arabia. This is a terrific story about how Yusuf, being a consultant at #McKinsey, an international consulting company, created a concept of an absolutely new business idea at #food delivery market.

The core mission of YourKitchen is to reinvent restaurant real estate. Interesting fact, that Yousif promoted his idea before the start of the pandemy of Covid 19. And to say the truth, all these restrictions only accelerated the acceptance of new formats of consumption. Even according to pre-pandemic data, delivery sales growth is twice compared to the ordinary growth of restaurants. So, we can conclude that very soon most restaurants will focus on food delivery.

You will know how the Pandemic became a “Game changer” and why nowadays food delivery is the most efficient way to feed urban communities. What is #dark kitchen and cloud kitchen, what’s the story of these terms and how this #business model works – all answers you get know in this #podcast.

At the end Yousiff Kurdi tells us about three key trends that drive the hospitality space and shares with us some specific statistics at food delivery market – speed of growth, how much average eater spend on food and what percentage of people will order #food online at 2030.

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