DoorDash Celebrates Tenth Anniversary with Significant App Updates

DoorDash Celebrates Tenth Anniversary with Significant App Updates

DoorDash recently marked its 10th anniversary with the inaugural Dash Forward event, where the popular delivery platform unveiled a series of significant app updates. Described as the largest app update in its history, these changes aim to expand user engagement beyond prepared meals and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Among the updates announced by DoorDash is a new “universal search” function, allowing users to explore and shop for a wide range of products beyond just meals. The introduction of new navigation tabs simplifies browsing, and users can now build multiple shopping carts and save their progress when switching between different product categories. These features are designed to encourage users to explore and shop for a variety of items through the platform.

For merchants, DoorDash introduced “personalized growth recommendations” to help optimize the performance of restaurants and improve business outcomes. The app now provides easier-to-understand insights, in-app store rewards to foster repeat business, and enhanced Storefront features to increase volumes for first-party ordering channels.

Dashers, the delivery drivers, now have additional earning options. They can choose to “earn by time” at a guaranteed minimum hourly rate for active delivery time or opt for the existing “earn per offer” mode.

DoorDash also implemented post-checkout tipping, allowing customers to add or increase Dasher tips up to 30 days after delivery. Furthermore, the new feature called Dash Along the Way aims to minimize idle time for drivers by providing them with orders along their commute to their preferred starting territory. In terms of safety, the company introduced “SafeDash Location Sharing” for drivers’ loved ones to track their real-time location during their shifts.

The event kicked off with DoorDash co-founder and CEO Tony Xu sharing his personal story of immigrating to the United States as a child and connecting it to the company’s mission of creating its own underdog story. Xu emphasized that these app updates and additions align with DoorDash’s mission of bringing more local retailers and businesses onto the platform and integrating them into its marketplace.

DoorDash Vice President and Head of Product Management and Design Rajat Shroff provided detailed insights into the updates. He highlighted the ability for customers to build multiple shopping carts, ensuring that ordering a meal does not disrupt a larger grocery order. The universal search bar at the top of the app and the new browsing tabs make the shopping process more convenient for customers who want to explore various offerings.

In response to consumer feedback, DoorDash introduced SNAP/EBT online payments for grocery orders, partnering with Aldi, Albertsons, Safeway, Meijer, and participating 7-Eleven stores. Helena Seo, Head of Design at DoorDash, mentioned that the updates were driven by customer input, with a focus on meeting unique customer needs in every moment.

Austin Haugen, VP of Product, Dasher, and Logistics, explained that the changes to driver tipping allow customers to reward exceptional service after the delivery has taken place. This update enables customers to recognize and appreciate drivers’ efforts more conveniently.

During the event, audience-submitted questions were addressed, covering topics such as DoorDash’s revenue generation from its first-party Storefront offering, details of the new tipping policies for drivers, and the introduction of customer rewards features. It was clarified that loyalty rewards will remain exclusive to DoorDash customers and not be integrated with standalone restaurant brand rewards. This approach enables merchants to engage more effectively with their most loyal customers and provide them with a personalized experience.

As DoorDash continues to evolve and expand, these app updates serve as a testament to its commitment to improving the customer experience, supporting local businesses, and reshaping the future of on-demand delivery.

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