DoorDash Adds Self-Serve Integration Onboarding as Aggregators Compete on Selection

DoorDash Partners with POS Integration Solutions to Streamline Onboarding for Restaurants

DoorDash, the leading restaurant aggregator in the United States, has unveiled a new initiative to simplify and expedite the onboarding process for restaurants seeking to join its platform. The company announced its collaboration with point of sale (POS) integration solution providers ItsaCheckmate and Deliverect to introduce Self-Serve Integration Onboarding, aiming to reduce the time and effort required for merchants to get onboarded.

By teaming up with ItsaCheckmate and Deliverect, DoorDash enables “select” restaurants to cut down onboarding time from weeks to mere days, all without the need for a DoorDash representative. This move is expected to alleviate the burden on restaurateurs who are often pressed for time and resources when navigating onboarding challenges.

Ruth Isenstadt, Head of U.S. Restaurants at DoorDash, emphasized the importance of simplifying the onboarding process and enabling thousands of restaurants to quickly connect with customers on the platform. She stated, “Partnering with ItsaCheckmate and Deliverect is one way we’re innovating to set an even stronger foundation for early days on our platform.”

The company noted that approximately 80% of restaurants can now access the marketplace without requiring assistance from a DoorDash representative, streamlining the overall process.

This announcement comes at a time when restaurants are seeking more straightforward technology solutions to manage their operations efficiently, particularly as they navigate between on-premises dining and off-premises options. The integration with ItsaCheckmate and Deliverect aligns with the growing demand for unified tools to manage digital ordering channels and technology stacks.

Vishal Agarwal, Founder and CEO of ItsaCheckmate, highlighted the challenge faced by restaurant operators in managing multiple channels, and he believes that the evolution of ordering platforms will revolve around creating more seamless experiences.

Competing aggregator Grubhub previously expanded its partnership with ItsaCheckmate, focusing on simplifying digital order management for merchants.

Using aggregators like DoorDash has become increasingly essential for restaurants to reach a significant share of consumers. Even major brands like Domino’s Pizza, which resisted aggregator partnerships for an extended period, have eventually joined platforms like Uber Eats to enhance their accessibility and convenience for customers.

According to data from an exclusive PYMNTS report, “Connected Dining: Third-Party Restaurant Aggregators Keep the Young and Affluent Engaged,” 40% of U.S. consumers surveyed have used an aggregator at least once in the last six months. Most consumers use aggregators not for discovery but to access specific restaurants more conveniently, making it crucial for restaurants to be present on these platforms to capture valuable sales opportunities.

Bill Fultz, Vice President of Point of Sale at Heartland, a Global Payments company, emphasized the importance of catering to customer preferences in ordering methods. He stated, “It’s really about figuring out how the customer wants to buy, and meeting them in that experience.” Embracing technology and offering a variety of ordering options are key strategies for restaurants to thrive in the current market landscape.

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