Domino’s Pizza trials first-ever ‘Rocket Man’ delivery before Elton John show

Pizza giant Domino’s trialed their first-ever delivery by jetpack on Sunday to festival-goers attending the Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

In a spectacle that left festival-goers in awe, pizza titan Domino’s made history with its maiden jetpack delivery at the esteemed Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom.

Drawing inspiration from the festival’s headliner, the legendary “Rocket Man” Elton John, Domino’s sought to conquer the challenge of serving slices within the festival grounds. Assistant PR manager Sam Wilson shared, “It was a bit of a no-brainer when we realized that pitching up to serve slices inside the festival was impossible.”

Wilson further explained the motivation behind this ambitious endeavor, highlighting the surge in inquiries during the festival from ravenous attendees seeking to sneak food into the grounds. “So, this year we wanted to take a giant step towards and trial our very own rocket man service to help hungry campers get a slice of sky-high satisfaction in the future,” added Wilson.

Partnering with Gravity Industries, Domino’s managed to turn their futuristic food delivery vision into a reality. The collaboration resulted in a fully customized suit, meticulously designed to ensure the safety of the pilot while keeping the pizzas warm throughout the exhilarating journey.

The spokesperson for Gravity Industries expressed their delight at the unconventional use of their technology, stating, “Keeping pizza piping hot using the jet suit is definitely an unusual utilization of our tech and pizza isn’t in our normal flight plan. But being able to exceed the average delivery time by flying through the Somerset fields and feed campers with the pizza delivery experts certainly shows the future of fast delivery service.”

While the exact cost of the innovative suit remains undisclosed, it is believed to be a significant investment, reaching hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Captivating footage of the groundbreaking jetpack delivery emerged on Monday, showcasing the fortunate deliveryman gracefully hovering near a nearby Domino’s store in Glastonbury before making his entrance.

With quick systems checks completed, the pilot took off toward the festival, leaving the audience in anticipation. Another video captured the thrilling moment as he landed amidst the lively partygoers, skillfully distributing his delectable cargo.

One festival attendee, Natalie Dixon, expressed her awe and delight, exclaiming, “Seeing a jet suit thing fly over Glasto was wild. I’ve never seen a jet suit, let alone one delivering pizzas.” Dixon enthusiastically added, “I can’t wait to see one land on my doorstep in the future.”

The extraordinary delivery left many festival attendees astounded, prompting one individual to ask, “Wtf is going on at Domino’s Glastonbury then?”

As of now, it remains uncertain whether Domino’s plans to expand their fleet of jetpack delivery machines. Wilson intriguingly hinted, “All we can say at this stage is that the idea has legs… or wings… or jets.”

Domino’s audacious foray into jetpack pizza delivery at Glastonbury Festival has undoubtedly captured the imagination of both pizza lovers and technology enthusiasts alike, showcasing the potential for extraordinary advancements in the realm of food delivery.

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