Deliveroo for Work Survey reveals the importance of food within the workplace

Deliveroo for Work Survey reveals the importance of food within the workplace

Deliveroo for Work, the platform designed for the corporate sector, has unveiled survey findings that highlight the pivotal role of food in shaping the modern workplace and enhancing employee well-being. Conducted among corporate employers, the survey provides insights into the significance of attracting and retaining talent, rewarding employees, and streamlining company administration.

The survey revealed that food is undeniably a cornerstone of corporate culture, with 76 percent of respondents emphasizing its integral role in the workplace. What’s more, a significant 82 percent recognized the crucial role of food in attracting and retaining talent, indicating a strong link between a well-catered workforce and talent retention. The survey also brought to light the multifaceted benefits of using Deliveroo for Work. A noteworthy 21 percent of businesses use the platform primarily to reward employees, while 20 percent leverage it to enhance employee well-being, and 14 percent rely on it to reduce administrative burdens. Workplace socials were also highlighted, with 84 percent of respondents emphasizing their role in enhancing team bonding and morale, where food and meal-sharing play pivotal roles in fostering a positive work environment.

An impressive 95 percent of respondents rated Deliveroo for Work’s restaurant options as excellent, underscoring their high satisfaction with the variety and quality of food choices available. The top five preferred food items ordered by companies in the UAE include Chicken Tikka Kebab, Salmon Platter, Quinoa Salad, Tex Mex Bowl, and Chicken Avocado Salad, reflecting a growing shift towards health-conscious options and catering to diverse preferences.

Francis Henderson, head of Deliveroo for Work Middle East, stated, “Deliveroo for Work not only enhances corporate culture but also boosts employee well-being. Our commitment to providing innovative meal solutions tailored to the needs of our corporate clients remains unwavering. These survey results reinforce our belief that food brings people together and plays a vital role in fostering strong and connected communities and teams.”

James Edward Palmer, group head of design at ENBD, shared his exceptional experience with Deliveroo for Work, emphasizing its unparalleled flexibility and wide range of food choices available. The service has set a new standard for corporate meal planning, and he expressed his satisfaction with the experience.

Introduced in the UAE in 2016, Deliveroo for Work offers businesses customized meal solutions, team lunches, office gatherings, and employee rewards. It serves as Deliveroo’s B2B2C solution, allowing corporate clients to provide their employees with the perks of expense-free meals. Employers can tailor and allocate unique Deliveroo allowances to their workforce, enabling convenient orders through the existing Deliveroo app.

Deliveroo for Work serves thousands of corporate clients and employees globally across eight markets, making it a reliable partner for businesses seeking to enhance corporate culture and employee engagement through exceptional meal solutions.

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