Carrefour integrates OpenAI technologies and launches a generative AI-powered shopping experience


Carrefour is implementing three cutting-edge technological solutions utilizing ChatGPT technology: an intelligent shopping advisor on, comprehensive product descriptions for Carrefour brand items on its website, and support for purchasing procedures. These innovative solutions are built upon OpenAI technologies, particularly the advanced GPT-4 model.

A remarkable development by Carrefour is the introduction of Hopla, an intelligent chatbot powered by ChatGPT, seamlessly integrated into the website starting from 8th June. Customers can now harness the power of natural language AI to enhance their shopping experience. The chatbot, prominently featured on the homepage, assists users in selecting products tailored to their preferences, budget, dietary requirements, and even offers menu suggestions. Moreover, the robot can recommend sustainable practices to reduce food waste by repurposing ingredients and providing associated recipes and shopping lists. Seamlessly connected to the website’s search engine, the chatbot continually suggests relevant products until the purchase is finalized.

Furthermore, generative AI technology is utilized to enrich Carrefour’s product descriptions for over 2000 items currently available online. OpenAI’s advanced technology is employed to provide customers with detailed information about Carrefour brand products. This initiative serves as a foundation for Carrefour’s vision to incorporate generative AI across its entire range of product descriptions.

Carrefour is also leveraging generative AI to optimize its internal procurement processes. Collaborating with teams from the non-retail purchasing division, Carrefour is developing a solution that will streamline their daily tasks, including drafting procurement invitations and analyzing quotes.

These transformative solutions are the outcome of a collaborative effort involving Bain & Company and Microsoft, esteemed partners of OpenAI. By utilizing Microsoft’s OpenAI Azure service, Carrefour gains access to the cutting-edge GPT-4 technology developed by OpenAI. Additionally, they benefit from Microsoft Azure’s robust data security, reliability, and privacy features, ensuring compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Alexandre Bompard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Carrefour Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the integration of generative AI technologies, stating, “Thanks to our digital and data-driven culture, we have already embarked on a new era of artificial intelligence. Generative AI will enhance the customer experience and revolutionize our operational methods. Integrating OpenAI technologies into our practices presents an extraordinary opportunity for Carrefour. By spearheading the adoption of generative AI, we aim to stay one step ahead and pioneer the future of retail.”

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