Bringg Unveils Last-Mile Delivery Tool ROAD

Bringg Unveils Last-Mile Delivery Tool ROAD

Delivery management platform Bringg has launched its ROAD offering, a solution designed to revolutionize last-mile delivery management. The platform, announced on October 10th, is built to help companies navigate the complexities of last-mile logistics, which are often a key differentiator in today’s competitive market.

Bringg’s ROAD tool divides the last-mile delivery process into three distinct tiers, each catering to a different stage of maturity in a company’s delivery optimization journey. This flexible approach provides businesses with the ability to manage their internal fleets effectively, expand delivery options, automate processes, and streamline last-mile operations.

According to Bringg CEO Guy Bloch, consumers now expect a seamless post-purchase experience. This includes visibility into delivery options, effortless order tracking, and hassle-free returns. With the increasing emphasis on the last mile in the competitive landscape, it’s crucial to support businesses at all stages of their delivery optimization journey. ROAD offers the flexibility needed to optimize existing operations while also facilitating a gradual digital transformation that can evolve over time.

This launch follows Bringg’s recent announcement of its platform’s integration with Google Cloud Marketplace. This integration aims to assist retailers and eCommerce companies in optimizing their last-mile delivery operations.

Raj Ramanan, CEO of AxleHire, highlighted the significance of the last mile in an interview with PYMNTS. He emphasized that it’s the last and best opportunity for eCommerce companies to leave a positive impression on customers. A satisfying delivery experience can result in repeat purchases. Ramanan stressed that delivery should be considered an extension of the brand, not just a cost to manage. In the ever-competitive market, the last mile serves as the last leg that connects the brand with the end customer and shapes the perception of quality.

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, the last-mile delivery sector is witnessing a substantial opportunity. Domestic delivery is projected to become a $200 billion market in the coming years, with an annual growth rate of approximately 15%. The evolving landscape places increased importance on efficient and adaptable last-mile solutions, making tools like Bringg’s ROAD a valuable asset for businesses seeking to excel in the delivery space.

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