Bolt Reiterates Expansion Plans In Kenya

Bolt Reiterates Expansion Plans In Kenya

Ride-hailing giant Bolt is set to extend its services to unserved towns across Kenya, taking a significant step to bring online taxi services and food delivery closer to a wider Kenyan audience. The Estonian-based company, known for its popular ride-hailing platform, is keen on broadening its reach across the country.

Currently, Bolt services are concentrated in major Kenyan towns and cities like Nairobi and Mombasa. However, the company recognizes a vast untapped market in other metropolises. To this end, Bolt has announced its ambitious plans for 2024, aiming to invest 100 million Euros (approximately 16 billion Kenyan shillings) in the Kenyan market. The primary goal is to expand its services into more cities and town centers, bringing the convenience of ride-hailing and food delivery to these areas.

Linda Ndungu, Bolt Kenya Country Manager, shared this exciting vision with journalists. She emphasized the company’s commitment to growing its presence in Kenya, catering to the evolving needs and preferences of consumers.

Furthermore, Bolt is aligning itself with the global trend toward sustainable and clean modes of transportation. To contribute to this movement, Bolt is planning to roll out its fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) in the near future. This eco-friendly initiative includes the gradual phasing out of fossil fuel vehicles. While the specific timeline for this transition was not disclosed, Bolt’s commitment to embracing EVs as part of its operational strategy is a clear step toward a more sustainable future.

Bolt’s endeavors in Kenya aren’t solely focused on its services and environmental responsibility. The company aims to foster collaborations with both local and international partners, fostering thousands of job opportunities and supporting local communities.

Moreover, Linda Ndungu highlighted Bolt’s intention to join forces with like-minded businesses to promote the adoption of electric vehicles, starting with e-bikes. This emphasis on partnerships and eco-friendly practices underscores the company’s dedication to achieving its goals in Kenya, emphasizing both business expansion and social responsibility.

Bolt’s initiatives are part of a broader trend seen in the tech and transportation industry as they respond to shifting consumer preferences, environmental concerns, and the ever-evolving demands of the market. By expanding their services, promoting clean transportation, and engaging in strategic partnerships, Bolt is positioning itself as a key player in Kenya’s growing tech and ride-hailing sector.

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