Bairro Direct, a new retail service to accelerate e-commerce business

Bairro Launches Bairro Direct: Empowering Brands with Direct-to-Consumer Model

Bairro, a trailblazing start-up committed to revolutionizing the digital shopping experience and ensuring swift and high-quality deliveries, has unveiled its latest venture, Bairro Direct. This innovative vertical targets brands, producers, and retailers with the aim of bolstering direct-to-consumer (D2C) initiatives within the digital space by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries.

To achieve this mission, Bairro Direct has developed a network of urban logistics centers situated strategically to offer enhanced proximity and convenience to consumers. The goal is to optimize online order processing, reduce delivery times to an impressive thirty minutes, and cater to customers across Europe. To achieve this, Bairro Direct has partnered with selected logistics providers, taking responsibility for the management and excellence of deliveries.

How Bairro Direct Works:

Bairro Direct’s novel approach connects customers’ online stores or marketplaces, imports their products, and efficiently stores their inventory in their well-positioned logistics centers. A notable advantage for customers is the option to send products directly from producers to Bairro warehouses, bypassing any intervention and maintaining control over pricing and margins.

Microfulfillment technology and an internally developed platform play a pivotal role in this process. Bairro Direct’s solution empowers brands to launch new sales channels, optimize order preparation accuracy to an impressive 99%, create omnichannel visibility, and significantly increase item turnover. By leveraging this solution, brands can witness up to a 30% boost in conversion rates, while customer retention and satisfaction increase up to three times, as the company highlights.

The software implemented by Bairro Direct allows real-time stock updates, minimizing errors to less than 0.4%, and guarantees a remarkable 98% perfect order rate (on-time, in-full).

Milana Dovzhenko, co-founder of Bairro, emphasizes the importance of this initiative, stating, “Bairro Direct emerged to respond to a gap that existed in the market, as only 13% of top retailers in Europe offer same-day delivery, while 67% of consumers say they are willing to pay to use this service. Between 40% and 60% of orders placed on marketplaces have flaws that result from the lack of stock automation, lack of order processing technologies for express orders and lack of integration with marketplaces. All this is solved by Bairro Direct.”

The primary focus of Bairro Direct at present is on food brands, including fresh and deep-frozen products, electronics, and beauty and cosmetics brands. Notably, the service extends its shipping reach to any part of the world.

The co-founder further emphasizes that Bairro Direct’s fulfillment service is aimed at empowering brands, enabling them to sell directly to consumers across various digital channels. The goal is to offer a seamless and high-quality service that exceeds customer expectations, starting from the order process through the post-purchase phase. This solution eliminates associated risks and obviates the need for heavy investments or proprietary infrastructure, which often hinders the growth of national businesses in the digital sector.

In addition to its fulfillment services, Bairro Direct boasts a dedicated digital marketing team that provides valuable guidance on campaigns, forms partnerships with other brands, and facilitates the distribution of product samples.

At present, Bairro Direct mainly caters to food, electronics, and beauty brands, with the added convenience of worldwide shipping to meet the diverse needs of consumers. With its ambitious vision and customer-centric approach, Bairro Direct is poised to reshape the digital retail landscape and empower brands with direct-to-consumer capabilities.

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