All Uber Eats couriers to use zero emission vehicles by 2040

Uber chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi said London is ‘the leader in electrification’.

Uber Eats has unveiled its commitment to a greener future by announcing that all of its couriers will be utilizing zero emission vehicles by 2040. Currently, deliveries are carried out using cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. The company also intends for all partner restaurants providing food for the service to adopt sustainable packaging practices by 2030.

During an event held in central London, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi emphasized the importance of tackling emissions head-on, stating, “Driving emissions to zero, I believe, is the defining challenge of our generation.” He praised London as a leader in electrification and highlighted the diverse range of green transportation options available to Uber users in the city, including electric cars, bikes, scooters, hybrid boats, coaches, and even the Eurostar.

Uber had previously announced its ambition to ensure all minicab drivers in London are using electric vehicles by the end of 2025. As part of its ongoing efforts, the company disclosed that several major international airports, including Heathrow, will establish dedicated drop-off points specifically designed for Uber electric vehicles (EVs).

Mr. Khosrowshahi acknowledged the positive impact of London’s world-leading policies aimed at reducing emissions and promoting cleaner transportation. He added, “That’s no accident. World-leading policies in London and the UK to lower emissions and clean up transportation have had a significant impact and are having a significant impact as we speak today.”

In addition to the eco-friendly transportation initiatives, Uber’s UK users now have the convenience of booking train and coach tickets directly through the app.

Reflecting on Uber’s progress, Mr. Khosrowshahi commended the achievement of having 10,000 EV drivers in London and highlighted the company’s intention to scale up electrification efforts globally. He mentioned the various improvements made to the app to support EV adoption, such as providing drivers with options to switch from conventionally-fueled cars and suggesting journeys based on EV recharging needs. Furthermore, Uber now displays the carbon emissions savings to passengers when riding in EVs and offers them the choice to select these vehicles at no additional cost.

Uber’s commitment to achieving a sustainable and environmentally conscious transportation network marks a significant step towards combating climate change and reducing emissions in the industry. By setting ambitious targets and implementing practical measures, the company is demonstrating its dedication to creating a greener future for both its drivers and passengers.

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